The Allego and EV charging highlights

Opening of the largest Allego fast charging location in Germany

03 Nov 2021

In cooperation with German wholesale company METRO, we have opened a state-of-the-art fast charging park for electric vehicles at METRO’s Berlin-Friedrichshain wholesale market. Up to 18 vehicles can be charged in parallel at this location. Making it our largest location in Germany to date. With this offer, METRO Deutschland enables its commercial customers to charge their EVs while shopping.

The “Schnellladepark” includes 4 charge points up to 300 kW, 4 charge points up to 150 kW and 10 charge points up to 22 kW. Due to its convenient location not far from Berlin's Ostbahnhof, the new charging location is not only suitable for METRO customers. The chargers can also be used outside the opening hours of the METRO wholesale market and will be open to the public around the clock.

The charging park is part of our MEGA-E project, which aims to establish a Europe-wide fast-charging network. Due to its size and the different charging options offered, this charging park is the first of its kind in the MEGA-E project. The cooperation with our partner METRO is the best example of the commitment of the private sector to promote the customer-friendly charging of EVs.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer this new service and to give customers and employees the opportunity to charge their e-vehicles at our wholesale market. Our mission is to help the hospitality industry and all other businesses in their sustainability efforts. This includes the promotion of e-mobility, because electric vehicles are becoming increasingly interesting for them. Running a sustainable business will become more and more of a selling point in the coming years," says Guido Mischok, Regional Manager at METRO Germany.

For more information and pictures, visit the location detail page.