EV Charging Meets Retail

Reimagine your retail location as not just a shopping destination but a hub for EV charging. Introducing an EV charging station at your site not only attracts a new stream of eco-conscious customers but also sets you apart from competitors, bolsters customer loyalty, and boosts your company revenue.

Transform your business with Allego’s charging solutions

By partnering with Allego, you can transform your location into a vibrant charging hub, attracting a steady stream of EV drivers which translates into increased foot traffic and customers for your business.


With our emphasis on maintaining reliable, ultra-fast charging on our network, your establishment will become a go-to destination for EV enthusiasts in your area, ensuring sustained growth and profitability.

Upgrade your location

Allego offers a seamless integration of EV charging technology into your business enterprise, providing a direct pathway to enhance your location with eco-friendly infrastructure.


By incorporating Allego’s innovative charging solutions, your business location will not only attract a wave of new customers but also position itself as a forward-thinking hub, boosting your visibility and showing your commitment to environmental stewardship.

Step 1 - Start Your Transformation

Submit a request to have Allego install cutting-edge EV charging points at your location for free. Fill out the form below to begin the journey towards an eco-friendly transformation.
Step 2 - Seamless Installation Process

Receive a swift response within 72 hours, followed by a comprehensive site evaluation to ensure your location is a perfect fit. We'll then proceed with the effortless installation of the charging stations, upgrading your space at no hassle to you.
Step 3 - Zero Maintenance, All Gain

Benefit from a maintenance-free experience as our team takes care of all servicing, while you enjoy a share of the revenue. Joining forces with Allego means actively participating in the green movement and making a significant environmental impact.

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Our network is expanding rapidly across Europe! We currently operate hundreds of (ultra) fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Nordics. These stations are located centrally near a highway and close to facilities like a restaurant, hotel, or shopping mall. Join us by becoming a location partner!

Join us as an E-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP)

Step into Allego’s vast network, boasting over 35,000 charging points across 16 European countries. We invite forward-thinking partners eager to elevate their customer service with our cutting-edge charging technology. By collaborating with Allego, you gain the opportunity to extend your service reach and incorporate our charging solutions into your digital platforms.