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Electric mobility increases the air quality of our cities and reduces noise pollution. To fast forward the transition towards sustainable mobility, we believe that anyone with an electric vehicle should be able to charge whenever and wherever they need it. That’s why we and our partners are working towards providing simple, reliable, and affordable charging solutions.

Founded in 2013
35000+ charge points operational
Pan-European EV charging network

Allego was founded in 2013 in the Netherlands as part of grid operator Alliander. We have been independent in advice, service, and operation of charging solutions ever since. In 2018 we became part of Meridiam and rapidly expanded our European network. In March 2022, we became a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.

We offer smart charging solutions for electric cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks for consumers, businesses, and cities. Our end-to-end charging solutions make it easier for businesses and cities to deliver the infrastructure EV drivers need, while the scalability of our products makes us the partner of the future.

We are also building an international charging network with already 35,000+ charge points operational throughout Europe. Our charging solutions are always connected to our platform, the EV-Cloud.

It gives our customers and ourselves an entire portfolio of features and services created to allow you to meet and exceed your needs. We do this independently, reliably, and safely. That’s how we can ensure that our customers can always charge, regardless of which charging station they are at or with which car, motorcycle, bus, or truck they want to charge.

Keep driving forward. Allego

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Imagine a world where we all drive electric. Clean cities, less noise. To make this happen, we provide charging solutions to businesses and cities all over Europe. Join our team in making our mission of unlimited electric mobility a reality.

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