The Allego and EV charging highlights

Together with G&V Energy Group we will install 100 fast charging hubs at fuel stations in Belgium

18 May 2022

We are proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with G&V Energy Group, a young and dynamic Belgian company, active on the market of fuel stations with a strong focus on sustainability. G&V Energy Group is the biggest independent player on the Belgian market.

Today, G&V manages over 200 fuel stations under the brand names G&V, Esso, Shell, Total Energies, Q8 and ENORA and operates 24 shops. On top of the groups expansive network of stations G&V Energy group also provides a multi brand CAPS Fuel Card for customers that offers an online platform that allows for the smooth operation of fleet administration requirements, handles payments, and facilitates the easy return of tax and excise duties. Thanks to partner networks, the CAPS Fuel Card also offers its customers access to a network of over 2500 locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. CAPS also offers the possibility of electric charging in a network of 275 000 charging stations in Europe.

We will install 100 fast charging hubs before 2024

We will enter a long-term High Power Charging partnership, to install Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle charging stations at 100 fuel stations throughout Belgium. 12 locations are due to be realized this calendar year, starting with the Noorderlaan in Antwerp. All 12 locations are co-financed by the European Union. Where possible the charging stations will be installed under the existing canopy of the fuel station itself, but as sites expand the installation of Allego canopies is also foreseen. The Electric Vehicle chargers themselves will be kitted in Allego branding for easy recognition for EV drivers. For the longer term with utilization increasing, there is the potential to expand to additional 150 locations. In Belgium, we currently operates a network of 5,000 public AC charging points covering more than 305 Flemish municipalities, in addition to 63 DC fast chargers located throughout all of Belgium. We are now rolling out an additional 56 ultra-fast charging locations next to main highways in the coming year 2022-2023, upon completion this will make it the largest DC network in Belgium. In addition to these planned locations, the G&V Allego High power partnership announced today will add another 100 strategic locations in Belgium.

Complementing our fast charging network in Belgium

“We are thrilled to partner with G&V Energy Group as its builds on our companies’ mission to provide suitable EV charging solutions at the right place and time. Given G&V expansive network in Belgium this agreement will truly complement our existing network in Belgium and help create a solid network of HPC charging solutions across the country” comments Harold Langenberg Managing Director of Allego BENELUX. “This partnership also testimony to the leadership of the G&V team that recognizes that the electrification of road transport is no longer an abstract concept, but a long-term solution to one the most pressing issues our world faces: climate change.”

Transforming fuel stations into modern energy hubs

"Together with Allego, we are proud to announce this strategic and long-term partnership. Both companies share a similar dynamic and progressive DNA and strive to pioneer the Belgian HPC charging market. We are committed to transforming 100 of our main filling stations into modern 'energy hubs' equipped with the right facilities and Breakpoint shops for a quick lunch or delicious coffee while charging." according to Xavier Dewulf, CEO of G&V Energy Group. "Through this partnership and Allego's strong network, we are able to offer our CAPS customers a future-proof solution for their fleet and the ever-changing mobility needs"

Find the full press release here.

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