Paris, c’est la EV

04 Jul 2019

A romantic weekend, a business trip or some crazy days with friends. Paris is always a good idea. And today, it’s perfectly possible to travel to Paris by EV, whether you depart from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England or from within France itself. Let winter begin!

Paris can be driven from all angles with an EV. And using the right tools, finding a charge point will be quite easy. As a bonus, you will often encounter nice restaurants, a perfect picnic spot or beautiful views. And remember: Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

Fully charged into the tunnel

Cars powered by LPG (or other flammable gasses) are not allowed on the train through the Eurotunnel. EVs however, are very welcome. That’s why Eurotunnel is offering fast (and free!) charging at the terminals on both sides of the Channel. Before you board the train, you can use the fast chargers that are placed on the England side in Folkestone. You’ll arrive in France with a full battery. From there, Paris is a 300 km ride away, so you will probably only need one more stop to get to the city of love.

Corri-door Intermarché

At the border

If you come from Germany, you will find an Allego fast charging point along the E40 / A3 Aachen-Liege just across the border with Belgium. While your car is charging, you gain energy as well with a cup of coffee or a sandwich in the Total shop. The chargers can charge EVs with a suitable battery to 80 percent in 15 to 30 minutes. You probably won't make it to Paris on one battery: from here it is more than 400 kilometres, but you’ll find plenty of charging points along the way to get that last energy boost.

E40 / A3 Aachen-Liege

No rush

Who said you want to get back on the highway as quickly as possible? Coming from Belgium, not far from the French border you will find the Allego charge point in Mons, Belgium. But there’s not only a charging station for your car, you can recharge here as well! There is also a cinema, several restaurants, shops and a hairdresser in the area. No rush!

Chaussee de Ghlin 9, Mons, Belgium

Stay the night

Mons is also an excellent place to charge on the way to France when you depart from the Netherlands driving via the province of Limburg. However, driving via Ghent is also a common route. This charge point is especially great if you are in transit. Located next to the Van Der Valk hotel, so perfect for an overnight stay.

E17 at Gent-Kortrijk, Nazareth, Belgium

Higher on

Summer nights & city lights: from the sunny south of France you drive flawlessly and electrically pointing north to bustling Paris. There are many locations to charge, one of them is at Parking Place du Breuil where you’ll also find a cinema, shops, a Vietnamese restaurant, a museum and a park to stretch your legs.

17 Avenue des Champs Elysées

The last mile

Just before Paris, in the middle of nature, you can prepare your car for the last miles. In the Natural Regional Park of Montagne de Reims, a charge point is situated in the middle of this Wildlife Park. After this, nothing will stop you from entering the famous Périphérique.

2 Rue Rayet-Liénart

Going on a road trip is not difficult, but with an EV it can be quite exciting the first time. One thing is certain: it’s a great experience. And Allego does everything to make that EV road trip as relaxed as possible. The charge points mentioned here are some of our suggestions.