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Fast-charging hub A7 Hamburg

Fast-charging hub in Hamburg at exit 34 of the A7 between Hamburg and Bremen. With 6 ultra-fast charging points. Located at Garten von Ehren Hamburg.

6 of 6 available
Address Maldfeldstraße 2, 21077 Hamburg , Germany
Highway A7
Exit 54
Opening hours 24/7
  • 4 of 4 available

    CCS 300 kW

  • 2 of 2 available

    CCS 150 kW

  • 1 of 2 available

    Type 2 22 kW

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Please visit the chargepoint information page or use the Smoov-app to check the exact rates of the charger you are using. If you charge via a charge card of a Mobility Service Provider (MSP) the final rate can differ from Allego's default rate. Please contact your MSP for the current rates. You can read more about price transparency at Allego here.

You can easily find a charging station using our find a charge point map which shows all available chargers in your area. On this map, you can filter on charge points that are suitable for your type of electric car. Or use the Smoov app for available chargers in your area.

If a malfunction should unexpectedly occur, please call the hotline number shown on the charging station. Our experts will help you immediately. Please make sure you have the reference number of the charging station to hand. You can find the local hotline number on our contact page as well. 

Regular (AC) charging sessions can be paid for by using an MSP charging card. Or with all major creditcards or SEPA direct debit using our Smoov App

Fast and ultrafast (DC) charging sessions can be paid for by using an MSP charging card or our Smoov app. Most of our DC chargers also accept contactless payments by creditcard, debitcard, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Requesting a public charging station couldn't be easier. In the Netherlands visit openbaarladen.nl, search for your municipality and click ‘apply for a public charging station’. Please contact us directly for other countries. 

As a Charge Point Operator we do not provide charging cards ourselves. You can request a charging card at one of the MSPs in your region.

You can search for the top MSPs on the following websites. 

  The Netherlands: https://laadpastop10.nl/

  Germany: https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/anbieter/

  Belgium: https://ik-rij-elektrisch.be/laadpassen/

  United Kingdom: https://www.zap-map.com/charge-points/ev-energy-tariffs/

There could be multiple reasons for this. 

  • You have a new MSP card that is not yet activated. In this case, you need to contact your MSP to activate the card. 
  • Your MSP does not have a contract with Allego. Even though we accept cards from most MSPs this can be the case. Contact your MSP to check if your card is valid on the Allego network.
  • The new card is not yet registered at Allego. In this case, your MSP needs to send us the card information. 

Please contact us if the above is not the case and we are happy to help.


Regular AC Charging 

You need a Type 2 charging cable that is suitable for regular charging. You have to bring your own cable that belongs to your vehicle.


Fast DC Charging 

Almost all full electric vehicles (battery electric vehicles) can charge at our DC chargers using a CCS or a CHAdeMO plug. 


Learn more about charging cables in our blog. 


Please visit the Smoov website to read more about the app and install it on your smartphone. You can use the Smoov app to find all the chargers in your area. You can also use it to start and pay for charging sessions at our chargers. 

We have created an overview of our ultrafast charging locations. Here you will find pictures and more details about the locations such as facilities, route description and availability of chargers. 

Charging costs

The price you pay to charge an EV may differ between charge points. This depends on the type of charge point (fast charger or regular charger) and its location (price set in a tendering process or open market model). For the current rate per Allego charge point, please go to allego.eu/cp or download the SMOOV app.

The price you pay per kWh, time or other rate component is made up of several elements. They are the use of the grid operator's network, the use of the charge point, the supply of energy, and taxes. If you pay for the charging session using an App or an MSP charging card, the final price you pay depends on the contract you have with your charge card provider. Some MSPs charge Allego's standard rate directly with a mark-up, others create their own rate or type of subscription.

Charging with more power requires a more robust electricity supply. This is much more expensive both to build and to operate in comparison to regular speed charging stations. It also requires a different type of charger with more functionality than a regular charger.

In recent years, many local authorities have grouped together with the province(s) in order to offer larger volumes to market parties. This gives you economies of scale and a lower price for charging your EV. This trend has intensified over the past year, resulting in differences in individual contracts. This is why different rates are charged in the same village or town: charge points are installed under the 'open market model' or under a tendering process.

We also sell chargers and charging services to companies. These companies can decide for themselves what rate they charge guests for using their chargers.

The rate is set by the owner or operator of the charge point. If the charge point was installed under a tender, it is usually the party that granted the concession that sets the rate or rate conditions.

You pay the standard rate if you pay directly for your charging session at an Allego charge point, e.g. contactless on one of our (ultra) fast chargers or via the SMOOV app. This is also the rate charged on to MSPs.

Some MSPs charge Allego's standard rate directly with a mark-up. Other MSPs create their own rate or type of subscription. We have no influence over what the MSP charges to its customers. Please contact your MSP for your applicable rate.

You can check what rate is charged at all Allego charging points. You can do this by selecting the charge point you want to know about at allego.eu/cp in the map or by downloading the Smoov app and looking up the charge point.

If your MSP claims that it also charges this rate, we advise you to contact your MSP. Mention which specific charge point is involved so that your MSP can contact us.

If you start your charging session in the Smoov app or use an MSP card you have linked to Smoov, you can always monitor the progress of your charging session in Smoov. This informs you about the components that determine the final price of your charging session, such as charged kWh and time. You will also receive a message when charging is complete.

After finishing the charging session an overview of the charging session is displayed in Smoov and you can download a receipt. Did you pay directly to us? If so, you see the exact cost of the charging session at the standard charging rate. For the total amount of a charging session using your charging card, please contact your MSP. Your MSP will issue an invoice based on the rate agreements you have made with it.

If you have used a contactless payment method on one of our (ultra) fast chargers you can download the receipt at allego.eu/receipt. Fill in the payment reference given with the Allego payment in the transaction overview of your bank account.

You can download your receipt at allego.eu/receipt.  


The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on several factors: the current charge of the battery and the total capacity of the battery, the charging technology in the electric vehicle, the equipment and type of charging station available and the type of charging cable used. For example a BMW i3 with 11 kW AC charger charges up to 11 kWh per hour at an AC charging station with a three-phase charging cable. A single-phase charging cable only charges 3.7 kWh per hour.


Read more about charging duration on our Blog. 

Sorry to hear that! If you are at the charging station, the best thing to do is call our hotline. Our experts can usually help you straight away. Make sure to note down the charging station number before you call. Click here for the local hotline number. You can also find it at the charger.

If a non-electric car is parked at the parking lot which is reserved for an electric car, you should contact the responsible municipality to report the matter.

You can read more about Smart charging here. 

If you are at the charging station, the best thing to do is call our hotline. Our experts can usually help you straight away. Make sure to note down the charging station number before you call. Click here for the local hotline number. You can also find it at the charger.

Request a public charge point

You can find the FAQs about requesting a public charging station in the Netherlands at openbaarladen.nl/veelgestelde-vragen. For other countries use our contact form.

You can request a status check by using our contact form.

Always up-to-date with our Smoov app
  • Check the real-time status of a charge point
  • Receive a notification about a change in availability
  • Pay via debit card, credit card or charge card and monitor your charging session
  • Download a receipt of your charging session