Tasse per il superamento del soggiorno

Overstay Fee for European HPC Chargers

Allego will charge an overstay fee for all High-Power Chargers (HPC) of our European stations network starting July 1st, 2024. This program aims to reduce waiting times for all EV vehicles and promote the effective use of our HPC chargers.

Details of Overstay Fee 

  • Start Time: The overstay fee will begin after 45 minutes of charging.
  • Rate: Besides the standard kWh price, there will be an overstay fee of 25 cents (VAT including) per minute. View the table below for the specific rates for each country.

Why an Overstay Fee? 

This fee ensures all EV drivers have fair and timely access to charging stations. With the rapid growth of the EV market and increasing demand for charging infrastructure, chargers must be used efficiently. The overstay fee aims to prevent prolonged charging sessions that occupy chargers longer than necessary, ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources.

To illustrate, charging from 10% to 80% state of charge (SOC) on a 70 kWh battery typically requires about 45 minutes, assuming an average charging speed of 65 kW. This duration is a reasonable benchmark based on current EV vehicle capabilities.

The overstay fee will apply to all Allego-owned HPC chargers across Europe, including new markets such as Spain, Switzerland, and Lithuania.

By implementing this overstay fee, Allego aims to enhance the fair availability of charging capacity, promote efficient use of charging infrastructure, and mitigate the increasing delays in installing new chargers and stations due to grid constraints in many European countries.

For more information, please refer to the detailed fee structure in the attached table and stay updated through our official communication channels.

Please get in touch with our customer support team if you have any questions or need further clarification. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Detailed Overstay Fee Structure Per Country

Tassa di superamento per i caricabatterie a corrente alternata nei Paesi Bassi


A partire dal 1° marzo 2024, ai caricatori CA della rete di ricarica aperta verrà applicata una tariffa di 0,25 euro (IVA inclusa) per far fronte alle sessioni di ricarica non effettuate. La tariffa di overstay sarà applicata a partire dalla prima ora e sarà applicata ogni ora in cui l'auto è collegata a un caricatore Allego AC nei Paesi Bassi.

Gli automobilisti che utilizzano le stazioni di ricarica pubbliche devono condividere questi spazi con altri utenti di veicoli elettrici (VE) e una crescente lamentela riguarda le stazioni di ricarica che vengono occupate ben oltre il tempo di ricarica necessario. In alcuni casi, l'occupazione è di poche ore, ma spesso può durare anche diversi giorni. Altri automobilisti di VE sono quindi spostati o costretti a ricaricare in momenti meno opportuni. In collaborazione con le municipalità locali e in seguito alle richieste degli automobilisti interessati, Allego intende affrontare il problema implementando una tariffa per il superamento del tempo di ricarica.