31 Jan 2019

Interested in choosing your preferred energy supplier for charging your electric car? This is possible for EV-drivers who are resided in Arnhem and owns a private electric car.

Allego finds the freedom of choice very important and the ability to choose your own energy provider is considered part of this freedom. Currently, Dutch law does not permit multiple energy suppliers on one grid connection. The charge pole operator makes the decision on the type of energy that is charging your car. The EV driver does not have insight nor a choice to decide on the energy supplier.

With this pilot, Allego is taking the first steps towards the freedom of choice for your energy supplier. End of January 2019, Allego started a pilot in cooperation with EXE, Energy Zero, Vandebron, NieuweStroom and Mijndomein Energie to provide the possibility of selecting your preferred energy supplier. Within this pilot, the EV-driver has the choice between the following energy suppliers: Vandebron, NieuweStroom and Mijndomein Energie.  On the website www.openlaadpaal.nl, you are able to choose between the propositions of these three energy suppliers. The pilot takes place in Arnhem and has a duration of approximately 6 months. If the pilot is successful, the concept will be extended.

Eventually, Allego wants to have the possibility for the EV driver to use their self-produced renewable energy for charging the car. And the possibility to have one energy supplier for both, home and for charging your car. The EV-driver eventually decides who is supplying the energy and how it is settled. With this approach, Allego enables unlimited electromobility, freedom of choice and the best customer experience.

Harold Langenberg Managing Director for Allego Benelux says, "the ability to choose for an energy supplier at home should be the same for an EV driver regarding charging the car”. “Freedom of choice for an energy supplier unfolds possibilities for an EV-drivers to choose between different product combinations. We see this as an important step towards a more transparent market”.

For more information check www.openlaadpaal.nl