Allego opens the first Shell Recharge 150 kW chargers in Tilburg.

17 Jul 2019

Allego opens the first Shell Recharge 150 kW chargers in Tilburg.

Allego celebrates the installation of its first 150 kW chargers for Shell Recharge in The Netherlands. The chargers are located at an energy-efficient Shell station at the de Burgemeester Letschertweg in Tilburg. Depending on your car, you can charge up to 150 kW, with fully sustainably generated energy.   
Allego has installed a similar charger for Shell at Battersea in the UK. We will install an additional 78 fast chargers at Shell stations in the two countries in the near future and will manage their operation too. 
To celebrate the opening of this new station and the first 150 kWh HPC chargers, customers can temporarily charge their car for a promotional rate of 35 cents per kWh from 1 August. The action applies to all Shell Recharge locations in the Netherlands. 

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