27 Aug 2020

Allego has come out as the winner of the Call for Private Initiatives launched by Tisséo Collectivités, the organizing authority for mobility in the Toulouse Metropolis. Resulting in the installation of 4 large EV charging hubs strategically located throughout the Toulouse metropolitan area.

Known in France as the pink city due to the color of its historic buildings, Allego is very pleased to be able to deploy four large multimodal charging hubs at the Park & Ride locations of the region’s main metro line. This project is part of the European Mega-E initiative led by Allego. It will be the first Mega-E location that has been identified and realized in France.

Allego will deploy 4 multimodal charging hubs at the Relais Car parks of the main metro stations located in Borderouge, Basso Cambo, Ramonville and Balma Gramont. The first hub is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2020. The multimodal charging hubs will offer various charging solutions to cover all user needs and use cases. Each Hub will have a mix of charging equipment with different power levels, ranging from 22 kW (AC) to 350 kW (DC). In total 48 chargers will be installed, completely integrated into the customer journey experience of the Relay Parking facility operated by Tisséo Collectivités.

Unique for this project is that the investment and operating costs of the EV charging equipment will be covered fully by Allego and its shareholder Meridiam. Patrick Vial, Asset and Investment Systems Officer, Tisséo Collectivités: "The proposal made by Allego was the best, especially given the unique range of charging equipment installed on site. The charging solutions offered by Allego within the framework of this project will enrich the range of user services at our relay parks.”

Onwards and upwards for Electromobility in the Toulouse metropolitan area. We are proud to ad a touch of green to this magnificent pink city!


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