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Ciao Italia! We will open 11 new ultrafast charging locations in Italy

03 Mar 2022

As our European network continues to grow, we are expanding our borders and opening our first ultrafast charging locations in Italy. In partnership with Tamoil, we are all set to launch 11 new locations across Northern Italy.

Realisation of ultrafast charging locations will start in Q4 2022 

The locations will be realised between Q4 in 2022 and Q2 in 2023. Each location will be equipped with 4 ultrafast outlets of up to 300 kW. They are located along major highways and large cities. These new ultrafast charging locations will help advance EV infrastructure in the country.


Partnership with Tamoil to expand EV charging infrastructure in Italy 

“The collaboration with Allego is consistent with our commitment to constantly improve services for customers, offering charging solutions for e-mobility,” said Silvia Gadda, Sales & Marketing Manager of Tamoil Italia. “We are excited to partner with one of the leading fast-charging networks in Europe to ensure that our EV customers receive topline service whenever they seek to charge their vehicles.”

“We are very pleased that with this agreement we are entering the Italian market to support the development of high-powered charging sites in Italy, a country with a long history of automotive innovation,” commented Mathieu Bonnet, our CEO. “We look forward to our collaboration with Tamoil and to bringing sustainable transportation to this region as Europe’s demand for charging infrastructure continues to grow with increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road. We now operate in over 16 countries, and we are eager to continue extending our geographic footprint across Europe to deliver electric vehicle charging infrastructure as a truly pan-European company.” 


List of locations cooperation

The charging stations will be realised at the following Tamoil locations:  

  • Milano (3 different locations) 

  • Sommacampagna

  • Vimodrone

  • Castenedolo

  • Firenze

  • Livorno

  • Concorezzo

  • Trezzano sul Naviglio* 

  • Castel San Pietro T. 

* This location will initially be equipped with 1 charging station/ 2 outlets.