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Allego strengthens data security for EV drivers
25 March 2019

EV drivers are increasingly demanding more reliable data and information security solutions. Allego, a leading provider of charging infrastructure, is meeting this demand and has now implemented appropriate protection mechanisms. In order to further protect the privacy and security of its EV drivers, Allego has reaffirmed its existing security standards with the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification.

This standard guarantees information security in organizations on an international level. It defines the requirements for the implementation and operation of a company-specific information

security management system, including standards and processes.

With the ISO 27001 certification, Allego receives confirmation that it has implemented comprehensive information security practices to protect users, their information and their charging data in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

Allego has been audited, thoroughly tested and evaluated by the internationally acknowledged testing institute KIWA. To maintain certification, an annual audit is required, as well as a three-year recertification cycle. This gives EV drivers the assurance that relevant requirements regarding internal audits, change management, process efficiency and other relevant aspects will continue to be met.

Full commitment to privacy and security needs of EV drivers and business partners

Since the foundation of Allego in 2013, Allego is fully committed to ensure the highest level of privacy and security for its EV drivers, B2B clients and business partners. Besides the ISO 27001 certification, Allego also maintains the Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001) accreditations. Potential business partners increasingly ask for compliance with these standards as prerequisite for cooperation.

“We are proud of our certification according to the internationally recognized standard. Data security is a critical aspect in the handling of our loading solutions and EV Cloud Services – and Allego’s ISO certification provides EV drivers and customers with the highest level of protection for sensitive data communications,” says Marc Diks, Chief Information Officer at Allego.

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