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A roof? Why would a charging location need one?

Combining functionality and branding at Electric Vehicle (EV) charging locations is a challenge to be reckoned with. Don’t, and you will miss out on the opportunity to shine. Do, and a smorgasbord of options will broaden your horizon, ranging from practical solutions to sustainable impact.

Did this constitute the reason for Allego to minimize location branding since it was founded in 2013: To avoid the choices, and possible failure? Not by a long shot. Allego’s mission has long been, and will remain, to facilitate the electrification of the mobility sector.

Then why start now? For exactly the same reason: To facilitate the electrification of the mobility sector. To ensure EV driver experiences improve with today’s standards.

Design Strategy

At Allego, we find it important to remain close to our company DNA, flexible to upscale, and continually improve our location designs, based on our learnings and findings along the way. Partnering with KRAFT architecten for design and OFN for facilitation, we found the perfect combination to upscale our brand presence and contribute to more sustainable practices.


Contrary to filling up a fossil-fueled vehicle, EV drivers do not have to stand by their car minutes on end holding the plug to charge. Most locations will already cater some form of shelter and facilities (sitting bench, toilets, a diner). While this is of course still relevant today, we found there are nevertheless very good reasons to start providing a level of comfortable standards, of protection and shelter from the elements, for both drivers and EV charging equipment. Not in the least because Allego is opening charging hubs throughout an ever-growing number of countries in the EU, where different environments make for different requirements.

By designing a family of elements, we followed a strategy that scales to different requirements and locations, contributes to a location designed to be hospitable, and allowing for bottom-up growth. All elements can be combined into various configurations to suit different situations and demands, enabling us to inhabit each charging location while providing added quality to guests and the location surroundings.

Look & Feel

All architectural elements are designed to be modular. The various base modules, ranging from small to large can be freely combined to create endless site configurations, while maintaining the unique Allego identity, allowing us to be highly flexible and create optimal layouts and functionality even at the most challenging sites, ranging from basic retail parking lots to flagship locations.



A specially designed parking spot featuring Allego branding and water passable paving accommodates cars as well as natural elements. A bold wooden column carries the roof, holds the design and houses the console, which in turn is the curvy expression of the link between the site architecture and electric mobility technology. It also emits light!

The charger is ergonomically placed and sheltered from the elements. In harsh climates a roof shields guests as well as the charging unit – its green sides and bottom reflecting the Allego brand. This configuration offers excellent ergonomics and functionality. The top is green as well, accommodating vegetation to increase biodiversity if circumstances allow, cooling the environment and filtering the air. A simple yet multifunctional wooden structure, expresses the assembled wood architecture but also refers to garden and landscape design – a pergola.

Integrated lighting provides both a strong visual identity and security in night time situations, and possibly integrate visual cues regarding availability and charging progress.



Each Allego charging hub is an opportunity to provide a natural environment for charging, unless there is a functional demand for something else. Flowery grasses are preferred vegetation for biodiversity and visual attractiveness. Signs will simply say hello or give directions, allowing for a pleasant stay and an easy charging experience. And when customer guidance at larger distances or in visually noisy environments is required, a landmark can be added to the site or near the highway exit.

At first sight, a site design is what it reads: Location branding. But what meets the eye should also make guests feel welcome, sheltered, at ease. Our location branding is not about the kilowatts, but about the experience we offer our guests, the look and feel at a charging hub. It’s about creating a site where visitors experience a positive vibe, added value.

We are planning to implement the location concept at our many locations throughout Europe, and will of course keep our followers posted on the latest updated locations.


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