Allego taps into Scandinavian markets with up to 350kW strong HPC solutions

07 nov. 2019

Allego, one of the largest providers for e-charging solutions in Europe, is expanding its European business. Next to the Benelux countries, Germany, France and the UK, Scandinavia is one of Allego’s newest target markets. Here, the company focuses especially on installing High-Power Chargers up to 350 kW. High Power Charging (HPC) offers a charging capacity that is up to seven times higher than current fast chargers. These types of chargers will allow electric vehicles of the newest generation to run for up to 300 kilometres with a single charge of 5 to 10 minutes depending on battery capacity.

For the Scandinavian markets Allego will be based in Stockholm. The company is owned by Meridiam who develops, finances and manages sustainable and resilient global infrastructure over the long term, in three key sectors: the mobility of people and goods, energy transition and social infrastructure. Currently Allego is rolling out a pan-European charging infrastructure. This initiative is part of an international project developed by Allego and co-financed by the European Union: the Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified (MEGA-E) Project. The aim is to deploy more than 322 ultra-rapid or 350 kW charging sites throughout Europe by 2021 including 39 multi-modular charging hubs for different types of e-vehicles.



About 55 sites are to be installed in total in Finland, Norway and Sweden where the company is still looking for location partners along motorways, in cities and on retail premises. “With our new business approach in Scandinavia, we are anticipating the needs of Scandinavian electric car drivers”, says Tobias Henmark, Managing Director of Allego in Scandinavia. In the dynamic environment of the Swedish mobility sector, Allego is the ideal company to contribute its knowledge in building a charging infrastructure”, added Henmark.



Allego is one of the pioneers in the European e-mobility market and has more than six years of experience in this field of business. The entry into the Scandinavian market is a sign that the EV market is beginning a new phase. So far, electric car charging has been offered mainly by operators who have seen it as an ancillary activity, such as energy companies, fast food chains or municipalities. For Allego, electric vehicle charging is the core business with a long-term approach. Allego supports fleet operators and industrial customers, energy suppliers, cities as well as retailers and their customers to accelerate this important transition. With more than 15,000 charging points installed across Europe, the company is determinedly driving the development of e-mobility. The electricity supplied at the European Allego chargers is 100% green.


In addition to charging stations, Allego also offers EV Cloud services. The EV Cloud offers a wide array of services, such as billing, active monitoring, mobile apps, website portals and analytics. Allego is an expert in planning, building and maintaining pan-European charging networks and determines the attractiveness of the location for charging stations and EV driver alike. “We want to make it as simple as possible for Swedish and Scandinavian electric car drivers to charge their electric cars, and for companies to offer recharging of electric cars to customers and employees. Our goal is to become a major player in the Scandinavian market", says Anja van Niersen, CEO Allego. “It is our vision that electric cars will become an option for an increasing number of drivers, which is why we are creating a network of powerful charging stations across Europe, which will also serve  electric car drivers in Scandinavia. HPC stations will be conveniently situated in places where drivers tend to stop when travelling long distances”, adds Anja van Niersen.