Allego HPC quality upgrade program commences
2 July 2020

Starting today, Allego is launching a large pan European Program to upgrade and improve the charging experience on our High Power Charging (HPC) network across Europe. The program is designed to improve the charging experience for EV drivers and the reliability of the HPC chargers in our network. As Europe is coming out of the COVID-19 lock down Allego is moving forward.


Allego was one of the first companies in Europe to bring HPC infrastructure to the market. In the more than two years that we are running this infrastructure, we have obtained a wealth of experience and insights in this technology. Its on the back of valuable customer feedback and our own improved understanding that we feel the time has come to roll out this upgrade program.


The program

The upgrade program itself entails several measures. First and foremost, based on clear driver feedback of poor visibility under full sunray conditions improvements to the user interface will be implemented by replacing the display screens on the first generation of these HPCs. Secondly hardware components will be swapped out. improving the chargers stability and uptime. Lastly an important hardware and software update will be installed improving both the charger’s connectivity and interoperability with the growing number of different makes and models of EVs coming onto the market.



The quality upgrade program will start in Germany and envelop three countries involving a total of 48 charging locations. A project page on will be launched to provide an overview as to which sites have been upgraded. This way we keep our customers, EV drivers, site- and location owners updated about the progress we are making. This page will be updated regularly.


We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and likely intermittent service level that you might experience at the involved locations before and during the upgrade. In line with our mission, to enable charging of all types of EVs at any given moment, rest assured that there will always be one or more stations working as a backup. The DC 50 kW triple charger (CCS/CHAdeMO/AC ) are in place for that very purpose.


You can find more details and information on our progress at

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